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Vehicle preparation for a technical/emissions check

1. Documents required for a vehicle check

For a periodic technical check, you need to present the following:
  • Part II of the original registration certificate (documents issued after 01/06/2010)
  • If your vehicle documents were issued between 01/03/2005 and 01/06/2010, you need the original registration certificate (paper document in A4 format).
  • If your documents were issued before 01/03/2005, you need the original vehicle registration book.

If your registration certificate has been confiscated, you need to present a certificate of confiscation of the registration certificate issued by the Police Force, together with a copy of the relevant registration certificate or registration book; a report on the installation of gas equipment if it is an LPG or CNG-fuelled vehicle and the vehicle was not so equipped by the manufacturer.

For a periodic emissions check, you also need to present the following:
  • A document issued by the manufacturer or an agent of the manufacturer of the vehicle conversion according to Sec. 18 par. 16 (b) of Act no. 725/2004 Coll., as amended, and a copy of the approval of the major conversion of the vehicle, including any attachments according to Sec. 18 par. 16 (c) of the Act, in the case of a periodic emissions check carried out in connection with the recording of changes arising from a major conversion of the vehicle in part II of the registration certificate.

2. Mandatory equipment

  • Warning triangle approved according to ECE Regulation 27
  • Reflective clothing located within reach of the driver
  • Spare wheel, hand-operated jack, spanner
  • First aid kit (check expiry date)

3. Clean vehicle

  • The vehicle must have a legible plate number, serial number (VIN), and manufacturer’s plate, and has to be washed and cleaned.

4. Windows

  • The windows of the vehicle must be complete.
  • The windscreen cannot have any cracks with a diameter greater than 20 mm.
  • The windscreen and front side windows must be film-free.

5. Lights

  • All vehicle lights must be functional.
  • Manual or automatic light height adjustment must also be functional.

6. Horn

  • Check the functionality of sound and light alarms.

7. Tyres

  • Minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.
  • Check if the tyres (and spare tyre) are in good order and free of damage.

8. Brakes

  • You normally cannot check the effectiveness and symmetry of brakes by yourself, but you can check the effectiveness of the parking (hand) brake when driving uphill.
  • Check the brake fluid level.

9. Working fluids

  • There cannot be any apparent leak of any working fluids (water, fuel, oil, brake fluid, washer fluid) on the vehicle.