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Environmental badge for Germany

Before your trip to Germany, you can purchase an environmental badge at any of our testing centres. The badge gives you access to ecological urban zones in Germany. The beginning and end of zones are marked with an “UMWELTZONE” sign.

Badge validity is not time-limited and is valid throughout Germany.

The price for vehicle assessment, registration, and environmental badge issuance is €15 incl. VAT. At your request we can also mail you the badge.

For vehicle inclusion in the appropriate emission class and issuance of a corresponding badge just present the original vehicle document (vehicle registration certificate, registration book), and we will issue the badge while you wait. If you’d like to have the badge delivered by mail, please send a scan of the vehicle document (vehicle registration certificate, registration book) by e-mail to

The environmental badge should be placed on the inside of your windscreen, in the bottom right corner when viewed from the inside.