Dekra Slovensko


SLOVDEKRA s.r.o. is the only testing laboratory in Slovakia that allows bus operators to obtain an exemption from the travel speed limitation on motorways in Germany for 100 km/h - the TEMPO 100. This exception can also be obtained for trailer categories O1 and O2.
The test includes a technical inspection of the bus at a testing centre. By arrangement with the testing centre personnel, the whole test can be carried out at one of SLOVDEKRA’s testing centres: Banská Bystrica, Bojnice, Bratislava-Dúbravka, Bratislava-Petržalka, Košice, Nitra, Spišská Nová Ves, Žilina.

The exemption is valid for 1 year from the issue date. A request for an extension of the exemption for another year must be made well in advance. The exemption can be extended repeatedly until the bus is removed from the register.
The price is €332.00 excl. VAT for the granting of a new exemption, and €110.00 excl. VAT for an extension.

For holders of buses initially registered in an EU Member State after 8 December 2007 who provide bus transport in Germany, we can issue a “Certificate of Fulfilment of the Provisions of Sec. 18, par. 5 no. 3 of the StVO, as amended by the 17th Regulation amending the StVO from 28/11/2007”. 11. 2007”. The test includes a technical inspection of the bus at a testing centre.

The certificate is valid for one year after the official technical check.
The price for the certificate is €25.00 excl. VAT.

Authorised technical vehicle verification service
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tel.: 02/64 28 84 93