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Car workshop tests

Evaluation of servicing activities and sales services by an impartial entity for vehicle importers, as well as authorised and unauthorised car workshops (dealers).

Tests of sales services

These test service quality when a new (used) vehicle is being bought, the technical know-how and social skills of the salesperson, the scope of supply, and the showroom’s environment. They can also assess the quality and completeness of activities regarding the pre-sale preparation of a new vehicle.

Tests of servicing activities

These assess if the scope and quality of a periodic service inspection (vehicle repair) was actually performed at the car workshop. Apart from a subjective assessment of the workshop’s success in detecting and eliminating real as well as simulated defects of a vehicle, the test also includes an evaluation of the communication and documentation level of the provided services through the eyes of an ordinary customer. The quality tests are conducted by real customers using their own vehicles or vehicles of the ordering party.

Tests of assistance services

These tests examine the availability and overall level of service provided to vehicle owners in the event of a failure on the road, or any other event that hinders journey continuance. The test can also be carried out outside regular working hours (evenings, weekend).

Audit of servicing and sales standards

The audit helps the manufacturer or importer decide whether to conclude or extend a sales or service contract with a candidate, based on the qualified opinion of a third party that has no vested interest in the outcome of the audit.

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